Key Features

Lightning Real Time Pricing & Pool Data

Explore pairs among multiple exchanges, get pricing charts updated in real time and configure them as you wish.

Lightning Token & Project Explorers

Check the wallet distribution of a token, exchanges, market cap, sentiment analysis, and get all the information about its project (news, team, contract verification…)

Lightning Wallet & Portfolio System

Keep track of all your wallets and transactions in a single place. You can also track wallets from other traders and copytrade their operations.

Lightning Real Time Notifications

Get notified on every channel you want (telegram, sms, mail, browser…) and configure alert systems to warn you about rugpulls, liquidity draining and more.

Tool Sets

Pricing Tiers

Choose your subscription tier!

Pricing Tier

Pricing Tiers

Choose your subscription tier!

*: This price will be paid in $EULER. To qualify for the discount, you must have staked at least 4,000 $EULER in the EULER 4K STAKING.

Staked means that you must have the $EULER staked in the appropriate Euler Stake. Our app will perform the check through Metamask, at the time of sign-in and login.

Users that stake 40,000 $EULER or more at the EULER 40K+ STAKING will receive additional rewards. Check the LOYALTY REWARDS section below.


Euler.Tools, a Unique Platform to Explore
and Discover Blockchain Tools

A platform that wants to change how people analyze the
blockchain industry by providing an all-encompassing
view of crypto paired with an easy to use interface.

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How Euler.Tools Could Bridge The Gap To
Full-Scale Blockchain Adoption

Euler.Tools is revolutionizing blockchain data and
education with an all-in-one solution, bringing together
crucial datafeeds to make widespread crypto adoption a

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$Euler Token

The $EULER token grants access
to additional benefits inside
Euler Tools.

Coin Icon

$EULER is a BEP20 utility token that allows access
to the premium features of our tool.


Every $EULER transaction burns 1% of the amount,
creating a stable increasing price.


Holders have additional benefits, including free
access to premium features and a monthly share
of the subscriptions fees.







Euler Token




The litepaper shows a glimpse of what are the plans for
Euler Tools.

It is the best introduction to our project, technology and


Our Presskit has detailed information about our team,
company and project.

It is oriented primarily to media, for promotional

Presskit Illustration


A veteran team filled with experienced developers, committed to create a state-of-the-art toolset.
More team members soon to be announced...

Jorge DLS
CEO & Founder
Eduardo E
Doruk T
Nico A
Graphic Designer & Brand Creator
Agustin G
Frontend Lead
Eric M
Frontend Developer
Estefanía R
UX/UI Designer


Javier B
Victor G
IT & Security Manager
Leonhard E
Honorary Advisor


  • Euler Tools
  • Euler Tools is a platform to explore and discover blockchain content. We gather all the data into a single platform which helps you to access blockchain safely, see the movements with transparency, and verify the sources of information. Euler Tools offers an easy to use solution to the dispersion of the information on blockchain for everyone such as traders/investors, enterprises, and tech enthusiasts.

    Euler Tools was launched in early April 2021 under the Wault.Finance launchpad.

    Euler Tools team is not anon and consists of highly-talented and experienced individuals. We are aware of the current needs of the industry. Therefore, we designed our team to serve all those needs which includes product development, information technology, finance, design, community management, and marketing. The details can be found here.

    Euler Tools is a powerful platform that allows you to:

  • Search, filter, and compare tokens, volumes, contracts, exchanges, and liquidity
  • Connect all your wallets and know your portfolio assets value- current and past
  • Create alerts on prices, new tokens, pairs, forks, events and get notifications
  • Explore the blocks, pairs and monitor fraudulent activity like rug pulls
  • Chart, draw, and visualize the market
  • Track any wallet and copy trade its activity
  • All the details can be found herehere.

    Euler Tools allows you to research and manage on BSC at the moment while Ethereum, Polygon, and HECO Chain will be available soon.

    Partnerships are of great significance for the Euler team. We proceed with caution and only agree to build a partnership when it proves to be a solid value to the project, the community, and the brand reputation. Therefore, we have strong partners such as Wault.Finance,, and Parsiq.

    You can find it here; Roadmap and Litepaper.

    We have a freemium model which means some of the advanced features require a premium subscription while others are free to use. Euler token is a BEP20 utility token that allows access to the advanced features of Euler tools. You can find more information herehere.

  • Holding at least 40,000 Euler grants you access to all premium features and generates passive returns (30% of the Euler tokens paid for premium subscriptions will be distributed among the holders every month)
  • Holding at least 4,000 Euler allows you to benefit from the subscription fee discounts
  • Staking (30-day locked) at least 4,000 Euler on Wault Swap gives high APR yields from the pool of 4M Euler Tokens
  • You can see the details here.

    You can buy Euler by using your cryptocurrency wallet (Metamask or Trust Wallet) via Wault Swap or Pancake Swap. Here are; the link to buy directly and the video explaining how.

    Euler has constant burns. Each transaction burns 1% of that transaction’s total amount to ensure a stable price and to reduce circulating supply which creates a deflationary model.

    Yes, you can stake your Euler on Wault Swap. Here is the video explaining how.