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Startups accelerator programs

Certification of startups through Blockchain

Thanks to blockchain technology, accelerators/incubators can certify in real time each and every one of the startups that have gone through their programs as well as different milestones of each of them in a simple, immutable and transparent way, associated not only with ownership of the asset but also the digital identity of each startup and participant.


Blockchain: new opportunity to retain customers

Thanks to blockchain technology, brands are already creating valuable content for users.

One of the branches of the blockchain is asset certification, allowing brands to unequivocally certify both their products and their customers.

Brands are taking advantage of this to create authentic Communities of Followers thanks to the distribution system of digital gifts that allows users to gain loyalty.

Brands want to create a sense of Community where users are rewarded for their loyalty to the brand, where they can interact with other users and share it on social networks, thus improving the perception of community completely free for the brand.

Educational sector

Educational degree certification and much more through Blockchain

Digital certifications through blockchain have multiple new opportunities. For example, it is easier to add them to a digital resume or social network such as LinkedIn, as well as share them with any person or organization, certifying at all times who is the issuer and who is the receiver.

Real Estate

Real estate blockchain expedites contract processes, saves time and reduces costs.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we can certify and report in real time to each and every one of the parties to the entire buying/selling process. Among them, the certificates of tokenized real estate, contractual consent, collection status, acceptance of conditions and regulations. As well as, visualization of the pertinent documentation, notice and purchase status, gallery of tokenized projects for example.

In addition, we create, verify and manage user profiles, such as owners, buyers, architects, construction companies and the automation of the entire process of creating a token, selling it and sharing the rent. In this way, the security and veracity of all the data, reports and documentation that are exchanged during the entire process are maintained. All this in a simple, immutable and transparent way.

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