$EULER tokens are our support method and the one we encourage to help the project grow, prove your value, and support the ecosystem.

A bit of history

A bit of reality.

The token was launched on April 5th, 2021. 

The challenge was to create a deflationary token that generated value for the user while allowing the project to fund operations.

The market had different plans, and while the whole crypto was dumped, our token was not different. This black swan delayed our operations and roadmap for months.

In October 2021, we were able to recover alongside the market and kept growing, but that lasted only for three months, and after that, we had to go back to survival mode while trying to finish our project and deliver our roadmap.

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The new $EULER

We worked hard for a year to figure out a sustainable tokenomics model that allows us to survive, grow and scale while allowing the token holders to see their value grow and their tokens recover the utility we always wanted.

The new token is designed as a reserve of value for them, allowing investors to receive perks and benefits while the user base grows and absorbs the demand for tokens.

The new utilities built around the token, including the lending center, subscription center, and buyback mechanisms, will provide users the safety net they need to see their money well placed.

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New tokenomics model

Crazy APYs and farming created inflationary mechanisms that were countering our deflationary burn.

This proves artificially deflationary processes just don't work to sustain the token's price, and the only metric that counts is demand.

The new token encourages demand by generating much-aggregated value to the accumulation of tokens, while we encourage the new users to acquire subscriptions from the Lending Center.

$EULER goes multichain

For our ecosystem to grow, we need to scale to other blockchains. We are building our tokens so they can be moved at a low cost (>1US$) to other blockchains that has the token deployed and rented/lent on our Lending Center at each of the blockchains.

This mechanism allows us to safely bridge value and stays where the community is building while ensuring the token stays available.

To operate in multiple chains, we need a reliable bridge that uses ZK Proof and AWS QLDB to validate the transactions.

Deposit tokens on one chain, and get them right away on the other side.

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