$EULER Token Ecosystem

The $EULER token ecosystem is the first of its kind. Allowing our users, subscribers, and supporters to collaborate altogether to generate value and distribute rewards amongst the participants. By being a member, you'll have access to exclusive perks, reward pools, and passive generation mechanisms merely based on your commitment and effort.

$EULER fuels our products.

Euler Tools loves the token.

We designed Utility tokens to simulate the gas fees paid by blockchain users. We love this practice as it generates value from a virtual asset by representing our capacity to absorb new users. And we provide them with services and utility all around.

The token has a pure, simple, usage-based utility. You can use the tokens to rent subscriptions to the app and power our ecosystem, and we use the token to mint new memberships.

Either by holding and lending them or by turning them into subscriptions, you always receive value.


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Be involved, become a Member.

Users are the most critical piece of the blockchain ecosystem, we route that commitment through Memberships.

The Euler Membership grants perks and unique benefits within the ecosystem, access to resources, and discounts.

You can acquire memberships from other users or through our marketplace

The amount of memberships is limited to 20.000.

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