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What is


Introducing Pox.Me, the ultimate solution for your digital certifications on the Blockchain!


What is is a platform for issuing, assigning and managing digital certificates on the blockchain, created by the Spanish company Euler.Tools in 2022. Its main objective is to validate identities, achievements, jobs, material possessions and much more, the possibilities are infinite.

This innovative technology has a high level of security and a wide range of possibilities.

And best of all, you don't need any technical skills or blockchain knowledge!


How does it work and what makes us different from other platforms? hosts all its certificates on the blockchain through smart contracts, the best of all this is that you do not need to know about blockchain or have great skills with technology, since we automatically provide you with a wallet in which the certificates they will be accommodated. You only have to worry about issuing or claiming them.

Another feature of is to connect the platform to your social networks to share your certificates with the people you want.

Take possession of your information thanks to the Web3 experience.


Types of Users

In there are two types of users, the sender/company and the receiver/person

Certificate issuer user: Has the ability to create collections of certificates, for example certificates validating jobs, and issue them to the people corresponding to them. It also has the power to cancel and reassign them in the event that one has been issued by mistake or that the person no longer belongs to that job position. When issuing a certificate you can use your own or design it with the templates that our platform offers you.

Receiving user: You will have your profile and wallet in which you can claim the certificates assigned to you and display them as a portfolio of identifications, you can also share them on your social networks. In the event that the user does not want to show certain certifications, they have the option to hide them from the public and have it verified through zkProof technology. This technology allows us to verify that we have certain certifications without automatically showing them to the public to the applicant.


All this through the Web3 experience, which allows you to be the complete owner of your information.
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