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What is Digital Certification?


Since the pandemic situation of recent years, a new problem has arisen in terms of the system of physical certifications and expediting procedures. That is why digital certification began to gain a lot of popularity, but what are we talking about when we use this term?


What is a digital certification?

As its name says, a digital certification is a way to verify the validity of our identity virtually, either to carry out procedures more quickly without having to be present in a certain institution, or as a way to validate that we are holders of knowledge or property.


How do they work?

There are various methods of digital certification, for example, mobile applications provided by the government to validate our identity when carrying out a procedure. There are also image identification systems of a valid document, facial, fingerprint, and eye scans, among others.

From this record, our digital identity is taking shape, which will open many doors and facilities for us as this type of technology is applied to more daily areas.

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What is the role of in all this?

From we can generate our digital identity through certificates, be it university degrees, property titles (houses, cars, etc.), identifications and much more. In fact, you can certify anything, as long as the issuing entity is determined to provide you with its digital certificate.

What makes different from other digital certification systems? has a high level of security through the use of the blockchain, this type of state-of-the-art technology allows us to store our certificates in an unalterable system without worrying about losing our certificates. In turn, thanks to the zkProof technology we have a high level of privacy for the user, making them the owner of their own information through the Web3 experience.

But do not worry, you do not need to be an expert to use our platform, since it is designed in a friendly way so that all users can operate on it, you only have to worry about issuing or receiving your certificates and sharing them in your social networks if you wish.



We welcome you to, The future of digital certifications.

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