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What is it and how to create a Metamask?


Surely you have ever heard of Metamask but you still do not know what it is, that is why we bring you all the information about this famous wallet and a guide to have your own.


Metamask Logo.

Metamask Logo.


Metamask is a Web3 cryptographic software known as a wallet, which allows us to store and manage our private keys and carry out cryptocurrency and token transactions.

This application was created in 2016 by ConsenSys, an American company dedicated to the development of blockchain solutions based on Ethereum.

Initially it was only available as a web browser extension software, but due to its great popularity in the crypto community, they were forced to develop a smartphone app.


Although the Metamask works mainly on the Ethereum blockchain, it also has the feature of being able to configure it to access other networks such as Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, for this we leave you the following tutorial.(link)

Another interesting functionality of Metamask is the ability to add tokens from your contract address, to see how to do it, click here.


Creating a Metamask Wallet

Step 1: To create our Metamask, we must first download the browser extension from here.


Step 2: Once installed, we click on the browser extension and it will send us to the Metamask website where we will press the Get Started button.


Step 3: We select Create a wallet and it will ask us to create a password. This will be used every time we want to log into the browser extension.


Step 4: In the next step they will provide us with the phrase of 12 words, it is very important to write them down and keep them in a safe place, since if we forget these words we will lose access to our wallet and, therefore, access to our cryptocurrencies.


Step 5: Then we will be asked to put the words that we were previously given in the correct order to confirm.


After confirming, we will have everything ready to use our Metamask in the Ethereum network, to enter it we click on the browser extension and enter the password that we previously created.

Done! You already have your own Metamask wallet, we hope you have found this guide useful. Share it!