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How to add a token in Metamask?


Now that you have your Metamask, surely it has ever happened to you that you send a token but then you can't find it in it, so don't worry, we bring you a simple guide so you can add the tokens to your wallet.

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Method 1

Step 1: We will go to the explorer that corresponds to the network that we are using in Metamask, for example, if we are using the Ethereum network, the explorer will be EtherScan, or in case of using the Binance Smart Chain network, we must enter BSCScan.

Once inside the explorer, we will write in the web browser the name of the token that we want to add, in this case we will use the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) token as an example.


Step 2: Once the search is complete, we will see that the contract address and the decimals of the token appear in the profile.


Step 3: Now we are going to open our Metamask and at the bottom we click on import tokens.


Step 4: Once there, we click on Custom token and paste the web data in the spaces to fill in. Then we click on Add custom token.


Step 5: We click on Import tokens and voila! We already have our token visible in Metamask.


Method 2

Step 1: Another way to add the token is by opening our Metamask and at the bottom we press import tokens.


Step 2: In Search we write the name of the token that we want to add and select the correct result, in this case we look for ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and then we press Next.



Step 3: We select Import tokens and that's it! We will see the token reflected in our wallet.


Method 3

Step 1: We will enter the Coinmarketcap website and in the search engine we will write the name of the token that we want to add to Metamask, we will use ENS (Ethereum Name Service) as an example again.


Step 2: Once the search is done, we have two options. Copy the contract address marked in the red box and paste it into Metamask as we saw in the previous methods. Or we can click on the Metamask symbol marked in the red box and it will directly add the data to the wallet.


Step 3: Our Metamask will open automatically, we just have to press Import tokens and voila!, token added.


Hide token from our wallet

Step 1: In the case that we have added a token by mistake or we simply don't want to see that token anymore, we will first open our Metamask and click on the token that we want to hide.


Step 2: We click on the three points in the upper right corner and a list of options will open. There we will press Hide ENS (or the token that you want to hide in your case).


Step 3: In the pop-up window we select Hide and voila! We will no longer see the token in our wallet.


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