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Empowering companies through the Blockchain ecosystem

It started as a thought, and then it turned into an idea. Then
Euler Tools became an actionable solution. We don't just use the
disruptive power of blockchain to transform companies and get them
to the next level; we are also a major player enabling the next big
technological shift

But what does Euler
actually do?

We are a technological partner that drives the evolution of the companies through blockchain technology and the possibilities it offers.

We trust in blockchain technology as an agent of innovation and as a game changing technology. That’s why we want to make it accessible to companies that need it. Therefore, Euler is a decentralized system for issuing, validating and storing digital assets, identities, credentials and certificates on Blockchain infrastructure, tied to crypto assets.

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Committed with the innovation


Create the best ICAM tools that are so secure and easy to use, that every individual and organization relies on us to manage their public and private profiles.


To create the most powerful platform to claim, aggregate, manage and share digital identities, credentials and assets, in which anyone should be empowered to manage the access to their data safely.

Our achievements

It all started back in 2018. Jorge de los Santos and a team of professionals combined their efforts to develop new software products which have the power to shape the future and create opportunities for sustainable growth and success. 

Partnership with AWS


Lanzadera acceleration program


Partnership with Playoff Nations


Investment round with Onestic, and


Since that time, Euler Tools has been steadily introducing a high level of standard for project and client management.

We are

The most decisive factor shaping Euler Tools is the team. To deliver excellence in our work, each of our team members brings their unique knowledge, experience, values and hard work. Their consistent efforts result in high-quality services and products.

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Jorge de los Santos

Spaceship Captain & Founder

Jorge de Los Santos is an entrepreneur and self-taught; passionate about technology, innovation and research. Before deciding to create Euler Tools, he worked for large multinationals such as Michelin as Engineering Manager, which gave him the skills and tools that brought him to where he is today.

Our Crew

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Euler spaceship.

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