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Cutting-edge Blockchain Solutions

Become part of the technological revolution.

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Take control of the entire lifecycle of your digital assets

Drive your business forward

With ultimate blockchain solutions tailored to provide great experiences to your customers.

We will provide you with the technology already set up so you can manage your certifications and assets without requiring you to understand blockchain, hire a dedicated team or make a massive investment.

We provide pre-built and customizable products, but if you need to fit specific requirements we’ll build and scale a new product for you.

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Manage your assets


One Super APP to manage all your digital assets

Meet the ultimate tool for crypto users.

Euler Explorer is a decentralized crypto-assets management application that allows you to search, explore, and exchange different crypto-assets.


The Resilient Token

Euler Tools is excited to introduce the Euler Token V2, the next generation of our popular cryptocurrency. The Euler Token V2 is a multichain-compatible token that can be used on various exchanges.
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For Users


Still have doubts? Check this out!

- Can I buy crypto with my credit card on Euler Tools?

Yes, we are partnered with Transak, a Fiat Ramp where you can buy crypto directly into your wallet with Card Payments, Bank Transfer or Apple Pay.

- Where can I keep my crypto?

You will need to create a wallet prior to your purchase. We recommend using Metamask. You can check our Academy if you need help setting up your wallet

- How will I know I am buying good cryptocurrencies?

For that, you will have to do your own research, but Euler Tools can help you with the Explorers Program taking place within the community. You will find interesting tokens that you can trade through our DEX Aggregator.

- What can I do with the $EULER token?

The $EULER token will be used to obtain income from the Lending Center and more premium features that will power a circular economy for the community of users.

- Can I claim a membership even if I don’t have $EULER tokens?

The memberships are only claimable with tokens, specifically 4.000 $EULER. It is a way of expressing our gratitude to our most loyal investors and supporters and will give lifetime access to the basic plan.

Come on board, and join us in the Euler mission!

Enjoy the ride!

What inspires us

Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician, physicist, astronomer, geographer, logician, and engineer that made pioneering and influential discoveries in many other branches of mathematics. Euler is held to be one of the greatest mathematicians in history and the greatest of the 18th century.

And because he was a rule-changer who pushed forward the knowledge that led to the world we know today, we chose his name because he is a great inspiration for us and wants to enable the next technology breakthrough.